15 thoughts on “Am I A CHRIST-LESS “CHRISTIAN” ?”

  1. WOW!!
    I love both the way you write [because there is real power behind – the power to reveal the truth that might still be hidden deep in our hearts] and what you are actually writing about. Thank you for posting the link to your site on one of my blogs. Much appreciated!! 🙂

    Every blessing to you,
    Susanne from Bavaria


    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Susanne! I am a rookie writer still trying to find my ‘voice’. Your affirmation means so much to me. There is burden and struggle as I have no right to speak the truth in my heart in a judging voice, but every word that comes out I face that temptation, especially when it is so dear to my heart but disagreed by most. I enjoy reading your writing too. I sense your love for the Lord through your writing.
      BinnieBin is actually Joanna from Canada 🙂


      1. Hi, Joanna from Canada, 😉

        You are so welcome. Actually, you have already found your voice. I can hear Him speaking through your writing.
        Will be praying for you that this ‘judging voice’ will fade in the future. Indeed, the Church needs you and your prophetic messages. Also, I am glad to get to know you through your blog and comments, Joanna. And thank you, too, for your your gracious comment on my blog.

        In Christ’s great love for you,


        I you find the time, you might check out my other blog as well. I dare to post the link leading to my latest post regarding the prophetic call which – in my humble opinion – addresses your prophetic voice, too. As a small premonition, so to say, the whole thing can be a bit haunting… 😉


  2. Susanne, I read it. My soul breathe fresh air. Please continue to write about Prophetic calling to cheer each other on. I often felt isolated and outnumbered. I follow your blog on that topic now!
    May the Spirit pour out His revelation of our Father’s heart upon you so you can speak to His people to empower us!
    So blessed to find you online!!!


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