Five Warning Signs of Pseudo Fellowship

5 thoughts on “Five Warning Signs of Pseudo Fellowship”

  1. Sadly, these 5 things are really happening in many churches today. Many are carried away with sugar-coated fellowship — just “feel good” and “drop the Christ” fellowship. Let us continue to pray that Chrisstians would be more sensitive in the leading of the Holy Spirit whenever we gather together 🙂 God bless!

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  2. Dear sister in the Lord,
    The Lord Jesus has gifted you with the ability to write beautifully and powerfully. There is absolutely nothing that could be added to your post to improve it. This is a very needed topic to be talking about since so many are still caught up in, and held bondage to the false social club aspect of modern mainstream churches.
    May the Lord bless you more and more,

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    1. Hi Scarlett, this is so prophetic! I felt a calling to write. God sent me someone to give me Hab 2:1-3 out of nowhere, and now your comment! Thanks for your great encouragement! I will seek His face about this! Such fellowship in Christ in this virtual world is just amazing! PTL!

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