Is the Church Building that We Are Building the One that God Has In Mind?

9 thoughts on “Is the Church Building that We Are Building the One that God Has In Mind?”

  1. “So the main business of the church is to build up people in Christ. We are warned to build with care. The quality of our work will be shown for what it is (1 Corinthian 3:10, 11). In other words, we will have to give an account of our work regarding how well we build each other up in Christ. Will our work, will the gold and silver and costly stones we offer, will the time and energy we spend, will the money we offer, be blessed by God to root others deeper in Christ’s love? ”

    You are so quotable, Joanna!! I never saw that Scripture explained the way you did, however, it was an awesome revelation for me. Thank you so much for your wonderful article, my sister. ❤ Keep writing your great stuff!!! 🙂

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  2. Wonderful, exposition on 1 Cor. 3!!! I would only add that church leadership can also become a religious icon in the eyes of the people.. The larger the building… the more the people see the pastor as someone larger than life and the less he will be available in a personal way to them… he become too occupied with the “plant” to get on a personal level with “the workers” and a factory mindset soon sets in, “ministry” become an assembly line and the church ceased to be a family unit with Christ as its Head.

    Keep up the good listening and sharing, my sister.

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    1. Yes, couldn’t agree with more. When church aspires to become mega church, turning a “body” with flesh and blood into an impersonal “enterprise”, pastors called themselves CEO — they no longer touch lives the way when Jesus walked on earth anymore. You and I and many others have sadly experienced this.

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  3. Yes, Joanna, and I have seen this same mindset in small churches where the pastors are so set on becoming “larger than life” before the people long before they get their mega-church throne to sit on.


  4. Joanna… as for your title…”Is the Church building… the one that God had in mind”… along with that goes “Are you sure that the church we see today is what Jesus had in mind? Or like the C & W song goes, “Are you sure Hank done it this way?” 🙂

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  5. I agree with your article to a point. Yes, we the people are the church.

    However, there is really something to be said for the way church buildings were formerly constructed. If attention is paid to how they are constructed, they do truly lead you into the presence of God. Having read several excellent books on this subject, I can only say that there is a place for magnificent architecture which leads us upward in worship to God. There was great thought, planning and devotion given to the construction of the worship building.

    And, I have experienced this kind of architecture in several different locations, where there was truly a feeling of drawing closer to God in the magnificent symbolism of the way the cathedral was constructed.

    So, I believe we can have both. The human body, or church, and the constructed worship buildings which can lead us closer to God himself.


    1. Agreed. Church architecture, like other art form, can be a form of worship in itself. Our God is worth such a worship and is rich enough to let us do both.
      What prompted this article was the widespread neglect in building up people in Christ when all the ministry attention was given to getting the building done.
      Thanks, Gayle, for reading it and I like your well balanced view.


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