The Epidemic of Holy Spirit Phobia

5 thoughts on “The Epidemic of Holy Spirit Phobia”

  1. Although I allowed intellectualism to rob me the opportunity of a deeper relationship with God as the Holy Spirit led, Jesus Christ had been relentless in demonstrating his love. The Holy Spirit had been availed to us for a reason, Jesus Christ came to reveal God, not as a sadistic monster, but Abba, Father. Today, the Holy Spirit reminds me I have a Father, therefore I am a son. Such reality is transforming it makes me walk in the passions of the Lord with peace and joy. When I call to the Lord, I have this confidence the Holy Spirit will help me in my prayer. Now I know why he is my Comforter.

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    1. Such testimony of the Holy Spirit is really encouraging! May His Spirit continue to reveal to us the Father’s heart and enable us to step into victory through the power and authority of our resurrected Lord, such that the world around us know, through our lives, the glory of our God! Amen!

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