Disarmed at War But Not Knowing = Defeat!

2 thoughts on “Disarmed at War But Not Knowing = Defeat!”

  1. Your whole entry shows that God has been doing a great work inside you, Joanna. Your words have so much power, made me almost breathless while reading. I am really amazed!!

    And that sentence nailed it completely,

    There is no ministry apart from our relationship with God.

    Yes, indeed, this evening I got a comment on my blog – not on my latest but on an older blog post, from a nice woman who wanted to share a link to a “ministry”. Actually, Joanna, I prayed more than one hour about whether to post the comment including the link or not. Although I felt immediately repelled when I checked out the blog site she had linked, I wanted to be sure. Thus the Lord gave me some more information until I saw, “No, I won’t post a link to a site that takes advantage of suffering women by asking them to DONATE, DONATE, DONATE…” You get the picture…

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    1. Amen. By faith, we claim His promises that His Spirit will guide us into all things, even hidden things. He is at work within us! I am also learning to ask and hear more boldly, with more trust and faith 🙂

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